Our History

Founded in 1994, PIE Consultancy is a leading specialist hospitality consultancy firm offering unparalleled expertise to the hospitality, leisure, tourism and real estate industries.

In 2004, PIE entered an associate agreement with TOURISTCONSULT (TC) of Basel, Switzerland (now known as TOURISTCONSULT Gotthard Frick of Bottmingen Switzerland). TC is one of the most reputed consulting companies in the hotel and tourism industry in the world. It was commissioned by the government of Switzerland to establish and manage Kenya Utalii College from 1973 to 1983, and thereafter to manage the technical aid until 1999 when the project came to an end.
Additionally in 2014, PIE entered an associate agreement with YUSTE & PARTNERS of Valencia, Spain.

Our Vision

The vision of PIE Consultancy is to become the consulting group of choice for the hotel and tourism sector in the region.


Mission of PIE Consultancy is to provide the ideal planning and management solutions in the hotel and tourism industry to both government and private sector customers.

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Our Core Values


Always giving accurate, candid and honest advice to our clients, while protecting confidentiality and avoiding.


Always striving for best and timely results, making good our shortcomings, and delivering value for money.


Driven by the long-term success of our clients and remaining engaged with them, in the long run.


Always thinking outside the box to develop new solutions for our clients

Our Partners